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let's get to the radar. showers across the area but the back edge getting close to the beltway. rain will be over with with the exception of our friends in southern maryland in the next hour. this is now moving to the east. frederick, you are done with the rain showers, hagers town. clear skies on the way for you. for the rest of us, gradual clearing along with cool temperatures around here for your tuesday. 44 degrees right now in washington. it got chilly overnight. 41 out at dulles. mix in winds out of the northwest and earlier gusting to 30. sustained wind of 14 here. and we have the makings for a very cool day. highs will only be in the upper 40s this afternoon. and mix in the winds and it's going to feel a lot more like november like it has the next several days. here's your forecast and high temperatures, i think we did this during the midnight hour.
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upper 40s to 50 this afternoon. but we should be done with the rain here shortly. much of your day will be partial to mostly sunny skies. more details on that 7 day in just a minute. back up stairs to you. >> all right. thank you, tucker. new developments in the david patraeus resignation. the sex scandal that led to the resignation of cia director patras. general john allen is now under investigation by the pentagon for alleged inappropriate communications with jill kelley. >> she is the same woman who got harassing e-mails from paula broadwell. she was allegedly having an affair with. former director of the cia says patraeus needed to step down. >> i think he took the right steps. and i think it's
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important when you're director or the cia with all of the challenges that face you in that position that personal integrity comes first and formost. >> searched the home of patraeus's alleged mistress. lingering questions about whether she had access to sensitive information. >> just days after patraeus resigned, the washington post is saying president obama wants john brenan to take his place. the post is reporting that the president wants senator john kerry to serve as the defense secretary despite his desire to serve as secretary of state. insiders say that position would likely go to u.s. ambassador susan rice. law makers are returning to capitol hill after the election season break. and they have a
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full plate of unfinished business. the biggest challenge is avoiding the double hit to the economy of tax increases and automatic spending cuts. besides avoiding the fiscal cliff, they have a half dozen hearings on the resignation of david patraeus. and the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. >> happening now, the murder trial of a buoy state university student. opening statements set to begin in a half hour. alexis simpson is accused of killing her roommate. killed her last year after the two argued over music played on an i pod. if convicted, she faces life in prison without parole. another case we're following former dc council chairman kwame brown will be sentenced in court later today. bank fraud and campaign finance
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charges. separate sentences for both. melanie is live this morning with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. all of this is going to play out in two separate court houses because he's facing charges in two different jurisdictions. one, the bank fraud charges is a federal case and the other is a campaign finance charge. suggesting in the bank fraud case a 6 day jail term. but could be much longer in the campaign violation case, that second case. brown was a rising political star. instead he had a high profile fall after pleading guilty in june to the bank fraud charges. in addition to falsifying information on bank loan applications, he also forged signatures. the second case is related to audit that was done by the dc office of campaign financing.
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that audit found 2008 re-election campaign failed to report more than $400,000 in expenditures and $239,000 wound up in the hands of a consulting company. prosecutors did say brown deserves some credit for taking the blame. putting it on himself choosing to resign. they also said that he did not default on any of those loans so there were no financial losses. prosecutors said the defendant has paid a heavy price for his crime as he should. strong popular support from the community and a bright political future. after sentencing, he will be a convicted fell on with no political office and be unemployed. the first hearing begins at 11:00 this morning right here in federal court. 2:30 this afternoon. over in superior court is when he will
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get his sentence for financial charges. >> thank you very much. robert mc cart ney for the washington post joins us now. and take a look at how last week easy elections may affect pocketbook. good morning. thanks for joining us . let's start with kwame brown and your expectations about what may happen at sentencing hearings this afternoon. >> well, seems as though the most he could get is 6 days in prison. i think the main import here is that he pled guilty to these crimes and gave up his powerful position and i think that's a lot of punishment for him. if you look at the main charge against him and the main crime to which he pled guilty, he made a false claim on a bank loan application. harry thomas
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junior, the council member junior who is in jail for more than three years in prison. i mean, he actually was stealing money from the government. thmore -- he got more time and i think he committed a worse crime. so i think brown is getting already gotten his main which is giving up the job and pleading guilty to the crimes and ending his political career. >> that leads us into the other topic that you wrote about last week. the elections last week and how they impact local region. let's start with dc. the most interesting thing to come out of the elections last week are these attempts now to have ethics reform when it comes to the city council and indeed even the mayor's office. >> they passed ballot measures that would help clean up ethics
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in the district. make it harder for officials who have had troubles to stay in office. i think the most important thing on the ethics front was the election of david grosso. this is a newcomer and he toppled a very well-known incumbent, michael brown who had not been convicted of anything. let me emphasize but had had personal financial problems. a lot of publicity over tax payments he missed. also this weird mystery about $100,000 of missing campaign funds. he says it was immaterial bezled. you knew why you were spending this money. that shadow over him contrasted with david grosso's campaign emphasizing integrity and transparency and this
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toppled this well-known incumbent. that was part of the backlash against ethics in the dc government. >> in virginia, let's talk about the outcome. tim kaine makes it to the senate. president obama carried the state. there were questions about that before the election. what does this mean for bob mcdonald and the republicans in virginia? >> the next big race in virginia is next year. the governor's race trying to pick someone to succeed. and if you look just at last tuesday's results in virginia, you would think that the democrats are a lock. they won the u.s. senate seat. they won for president obama. romney lost in virginia. so that would imply that the republicans should nominate, they have two choices. nominate the very conservative tea party, the attorney general or nominate the
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more established conservative, bill bowling. last tuesday 's result they want to have a chancehey would nominate the more moderate guy. the tea party guy, he's got a lock on the nomination i think. he's the strong favorite right now. it's going to be a party convention that picks the nominee for the republicans and tends to be dominated by activists, the base people who are most enthusiastic. >> i'm sorry. >> but also the point is that the electorate in off year elections is much more conservative than in presidential years. that could give an argument and the republicans a chance. >> we're out of time i'm being told but i have to ask you quickly about maryland and the impact there. a lot of success for governor omalley. >> a lot of success on same sex marriage, dream act, casinos.
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he swept the board. the most important act is gambling is behind us in maryland. this thing has been basically hobbling any progress on a lot of issues in maryland for a number of years now. there's going to be an expansion to casino gambling and a new casino in prince georges county. and this clears the way to deal with other issues such as finding money for transportation and pushing his wind power initiative to cut greenhouse gasses. >> very good. thanks for coming in . >> good to be here. >> thank you. coming up, why the founder of a popular security software is a person of interest in a murder investigation. there's good news on the future of oil production. find out when we may rely on our own resources. and tens of thousands of people in new york still without power 15 days after sandy hit. how those affected with being
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helped when we come back. 9:11 now. 
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topping our world news this morning, the search is on for the founder software giant macafee. want to question him about the murder of an american citizens. the 52-year-old man was found shot to death. police say he is only a person of interest and no charges have been filed in that case. the future of u.s. troops in afghanistan may soon be decided. the obama administration may make a decision in the next few weeks. the combat mission ends in 2014 but right now still unclear how many troops will remain and for what purposes. he has not commented on his future plans. and you've heard of bomb sniffing dogs. what about bomb sniffing mice? one security company in israel
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says the mice are great at finding explosives because they have a heightened sense of smell and fit into small places. they believe the mice could one day be used in airports and other places with high security. >> today marks 15 days since hurricane sandy hit the midatlantic and new england and tens of thousands have no power. that is leading to outrage for people who have endured cold temperatures and snow. hard hit with power outages is long island. robert moses is live in new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. and good morning, everyone. we're standing in a park where people can come to apply for aid from fema as you can see some people doing. they can come to get help filing insurance claims. do loads of laund degree for free which has become much more difficult in the wake of hurricane sandy. there's also food and drinks
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available here for people who have been deprived of those. you talked about the power outage situation. it has improved here. right now the long island power authority says it has restored power to 98% of the customers receiving it. many homes were so badly damaged that the electrical system you can't even accept any power. those homes will take much longer. the power authority says that about 38,000 customers fall into that category meaning that they will not be able to receive power any time soon. the situation here is still very painful for many people. in fact, today there will be a class action lawsuit announced against them accusing the company for a breech of contract as well as fraud. that lawsuit expected to be filed today. we've reached out for comment but so far we have not heard
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back. for now, live in seaford. >> thank you. many of us have felt the inconvenience of no power. complaints have become common, law makers are in talks to fix the problem. maryland governor will speak at a conference of utility regulators. he will discuss a recent report that outline ways to protect from severe weather. the united states used to be the world's top oil producer but fell behind saudi arabia and russia in recent decades. >> a new report projects the u.s. will become the biggest oil producer by 2020. the report also finds the u.s. will become self-sufficient by 2035. and as we discuss power problems in the u.s., a dprup of african teenagers have discovered a way to use our
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body's own resources. the urine powered generator can power 6 hours of power from one liter. the result is pushed into the generator. there are pros and cons but we applaud them for research and efforts. >> 9:19 now. a popular retailer jumps on the early black friday specials. when target plans to open. >> plus, remember this song. a lot of us are happy when it faded away. but the producers are out with a new internet star which song is about thanksgiving. >> thanksgiving, thanksgiving. >> i hope not. >> first, let's check in with holly. >> reporter: if a picture is worth a thousand words, what would be the value of a thousand pictures? this is one of the many exhibits
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that makes up foto week dc. coming up, some of this year's winners talk to us about how to be picture perfect. all live later on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. >> and as we take you to the break, ladies check out this rock. up for auction today. it's expected to fetch $15 million. hope you have a lot of pocket change. the 76 karat diamond is one of the rarest in the world. comes from india. we'll be right back. 
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welcome back. super storm sandy proved to be an scrooge. chrstmas trees were destroyed when they were buried by 2 feet of snow. specializes in extra
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tall trees which can sell for up to $6,000 a piece. that company giving refunds to places like the cia headquarters. and old town alexandria. all of them ordered trees. they will now have to shop for trees from somewhere else. last week, wal-mart announced it was getting a jump on black friday shopping by opening a day earlier on thanksgiving day. actually opening earlier on thanksgiving day. now, they are opening a few hours earlier. now, target is joining in. >> i'm very impressed. customers and workers angry over it. sara is in studio with reaction to the turkey day opening and other holiday notes. the worker is kind of forgotten. >> i want to stay at home and enjoy thanksgiving. so they are upset. maybe some customers as well. some are liking it and so are the retailers. target following the lead opening doors
9:25 am
earlier than ever on thanksgiving. 9:00 p.m. holiday shopping used to start on black friday. not any more. opening at 9:00 p.m. gives target customers a more convenient way to create an after dinner shopping event. they'll continue to have additional deals at 4:00 a.m. on black friday.oyees are signing petitions to convince target to stay closed for thanksgiving. but the pressure is on from other retailers like toys r us and sears and wal-mart. caution if your holiday shopping takes you online. a new study shows one in four people will shop on a mobile device. and those smart phones are just as vulnerable to viruses. install antivirus software and clean up the device
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before you conectoto shop connect. >> thanks, thanksgiving. it's thanks thanksgiving. give them thanks. ♪ we, we, we we're gonna have a good time. >> a little thanksgiving music to put you in the mood. >> i like that look. you two aren't convinced. >> a new facebook feature is coming under fire. why some people think it may be too mushy. >> what leads to it. we're digging into relationships with the author of a new book to find out what leads to infidelity. time is 9:26. we'll be right
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welcome back. mitt romney is getting the cold shoulder from his facebook fans. almost immediately after he lost the election last week. his followers started dropping like flies. his official page continued to lose 10 likes every minute. four days after the election, the campaign posted a photo thanking his supporters apparently to no avail. >> but it's over. >> you don't have to drop him. >> cute or cringe worthy. facebook is out with a new page. you and your significant other and a post you've written on one another's walls. the connections aren't new. been able to view friendship pages. but some people may say they may
9:31 am
breakup to keep their relationships more private. i need to clear up what i was saying. we're spending it like they are dropping him. but it's like they were there for the purpose of the election and you move on to the business at hand. >> they could still be friends. >> yeah. they could. >> that was my point. >> i didn't want to be misrepresented. i don't need the phone calls. >> tucker barnes. >> meanwhile, a couple facebook pics. >> that's what they are doing now. >> let's get to the weather forecast. i'll stick to what we know. our friend crystal wrote in and said she's getting what she thinks is hail but sleet falling. if you hear a little tink on your windshield, it's not going to amount to anything.
9:32 am
we have cool air associated with our frontal system. our temperatures later this afternoon will only be in the upper 40s for daytime highs. there's the back edge of your front and i can tell you here that yellow likely an area where we're getting sleet and all of this pushing to the east. not worried about any accumulation. not any real winter weather. if you get a picture, send it to me. off to the north and west, you are done with the rain. winchester we are through with it and sunshine building in here shortly. we'll lose the rain in the next hour with the exception of our friends south and east. and then we will see sunshine building in. you can see it's not too far away. plenty of sunshine later today with a good breeze here out of the north and west. and much cooler air set to stay for the next several
9:33 am
days. 44 in washington. yesterday's daytime high was in the 70s. 45 in annapolis. check out 30s hanging tough here. 37 degrees. you mix in winds out of the west and north gusting right now to 20 miles per hour. and actually feels like low to mid 30s even here in washington. bottom line, keep the jacket on later this afternoon. even with the sunshine working in the area. chilly day and cold overnight tonight. 52 today. we did that at midnight. probably upper 40s this afternoon. winds north and west 5 to 15. gusts to 20, 25 this afternoon. afternoon sun working in. breezy, much cooler than yesterday. here's your 7 day forecast. going to be cold again tonight. if you have sensitive plants that have not been subject to freezing temperatures, cover them up or bring them inside. we'll have
9:34 am
cool afternoons as well. only 50 tomorrow. but we keep the sunshine in the weather pattern right now the beginning of the weekend. that's a look at weather. back over to you. >> thank you. general patraeus is only the latest in the long line of high profile married men caught having extra marital affairs. so what drives them to risk so much and why do some women willingly engage in an affair with another woman's husband? joining us now is gloria bonds author of this book. how to successfully date a married man. interviewed women who had affairs and interviewed some of the men involved. it is more a caution nary tale than a how to guide. . >> i sort of cheated the first question, no pun intended, the first question i have for you is the title is very provocative. there is a picture of a couple.
9:35 am
the man's eyes are covered. how to successfully date a married man but the contents is anything but provocative. it's the reality of it. just what you are getting into. can you talk about your book for a moment? >> sure. again, the title is how to successfully date a married man but does not advocate infidelity or support cheating. it speaks to truth about the pros and cons. to the common thread of thinking that most women have when they cheat and most of the common threads that men have are the cognitive processes that menus when they actually cheat. even though the title, what i try to do is target the other woman or a woman who may be currently in a relationship where she is cheating to understand that
9:36 am
there is no success of dating a married man. if you are able to date with no expectation of commitment or promise for the future, you can be successful. most women want more than that and we require more than that. that becomes problematic at the end when the men try to end these relationships. >> we're talking about specifically in this case high profile men with a lot to lose. reputations could be destroyed by this. what is the psychology you found or commonalitiys in talking with these men and women? . >> i think a lot of men think they are above the rules. think that the rules don't apply to them. they think we can live by a different set of rules. the thing about these affairs is that they do have consequences.
9:37 am
and my questionses they pay. -- consequences they pay. these men tend to be less than honest. they typically lie and they say you're the woman for me. i don't love my wife. we don't have sex and the sex is better with you. one day we're going to be better. and then when the wife finds out, what happens is this woman goes into a downward spiral because all of a sudden now the relationship has ended and everything he has told her she realizes is not true. so married men tend to dig their own grave or tend to line the bed they create when they start these relationships. they start them out. of course they started out being deceitful. >> i hate to interrupt you. in this case, you have a married woman and a married man. so now she has something to lose. not she was the director of the cia. but still has something to lose too. what's the psychology
9:38 am
there. did you talk to women who were married with families and involved in a married man? >> i didn't concentrate heavily in that area but this particular case, i think it was strategic in choosing paula broadwell because she was married and has two children in a husband. and if that theory of mutual assured destruction that because she has a lot to lose and a lot at stake, she can keep her head on straight regarding the affair. what happened in this particular case is even though she's married, she's a woman too. without a doubt, i think it's evident that she didn't keep her head on straight because her emotions overruled her intelligence and evident by the fact with the e-mails she began to send to jill kelley. >> so much more to talk about. thank you for being here.
9:39 am
please do not be fooled by the title. if you are thinking about getting into an affair, might want to read it first. there is no way to successfully date a married man. >> unless you are married to that man. >> over to you. >> thank you both. coming up on 9 :39 now. a star studded premiere for the final twilight movie. we will take you there. plus, why bon oshgs o stopped by university. his message next in the buzz bin. 
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popping open the buzz bin now. it is the end of an error for twi-hard fans. the final installment hits theaters friday. last night in los angeles, the black carpet rolled out for the film's stars. our movie reviewer has exclusive interviews with those stars.
9:43 am
they will air over the next few days. so make sure you tune in to fox 5 morning news for that. a popular musician and activist paid a special visit last night. >> bono urged the crowd there especially the students to work together to make a difference in the world. emphasized the importance of social media and the opportunities it offers. today's generation can create equality for everyone. >> this generation has a chance to challenge the absurdity of where you live deciding whether you live. >> more than 700 people attended including nancy pelosi. >> from cat to rescue. coming up after the break, journalist cathy unru is here to share lucy's story which she outlines. i had the pleasure of sitting down with both of them next. >> we're meeting foto week
9:44 am
winners. right now 9:43. . where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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a new book traces the journey of a kitten named lucy from her beginnings or wild beginnings to her happily ever after with her human family. cathy gave just a little bit of help to lucy pending. good morning to you. happy you are here. you wrote this from lucy's point of view. and even from the beginning when you realized you were looking through the eyes of a kitten, it's fascinating. why you decided to do it that way. suggested i write the story. couldn't think of doing it any other way.
9:48 am
and heavily fictionalized. and as we say, it's fictionalized cause i'm imagining it. i like to think i got close. >> is that the issue if i may get esoteric with humans? we feel like we know everything and the cats surely want to be inside and not out in the wild. what is the real story? >> it's all over the board. depends on the cat where do they live with whom do they live outside. to determine whether they might be tamed or ever come inside. some want to and some don't. lucy was young and sick when she was trapped. and took me several months to tame her. others will come right inside and become house pets. so depends on the cat and the situation. >> when we see this book and
9:49 am
i'm going to reach over and get it. it's beautiful lucy right on the cover there. you think oh, this is going to be so sweet. it's not. >> it's a suspension novel and takes you everywhere. there's a guy who wants to murder all the cats. has a thriller aspect. it's not just a sweet story. it's meant to arouse emotions as a good novel should do. and i could tell you how it ends. >> but you won't do thachlt clearly, your love of cats is beaming no matter the story. is there a message you do want to pass along about cats and the population? cats are often misunderstood. >> first about cats that they each have individual personalities and they do once you get to know them. then about ferrel cats i believe in
9:50 am
trap -- then ideally a care giver will feed and care for that colony. that's the way for free roaming cats to get along. it controls the population which is great for the humans and the cats are fed and care for. >> are there critics who say you shouldn't tame them? >> there are some that say you should go in and kill all the cats. so yes, there are critics but i think as you look across the country, tnr is becoming the accepted and some cases the legal message, certain cities and counties saying this is the way we will control. >> and i sort of jumped right in. what can you tell us about lucy's story and the population now the wild cats that do remain
9:51 am
on the island. they were probably over 100 cats between 100 and 150. two and a half miles long and a half mile wide. and now we have the population under control and the cats are getting old and dying of old age. we have people saying we need to bring more cats to the island. been a classic case study. for people who buy and read the book , i do want to emphasize it's heavy fictionalized. there's no bad guy who wanted to kill the cats. >> i think i know the answer but how is lucy doing today? >> she's a little fat. she was a starving child. can't get enough to eat. but she's doing good. >> i think she looks beautiful. thanks so much for coming. it's taming me, me moir of a taming wild cat. thank you for that. >> thank you. >> tony, over to you. >> thank you very much. 9:51. it is the 5th annual photo week
9:52 am
dc. organizers hope to present the best in fine art photography. we get to meet some of the photographers this morning. and holly morris joins us live from northwest. >> reporter: hey, we get to meet them and pick their brains. that's more important so we can become better shutter bugs. we are at photo week central. this is the festival hub in the warner building. there's about 10 exhibits in one here. and up through the end of the week. you should make time to come down and see some of them. and you will see award winning photos. and i'm going to introduce you to the award winning photographer. good morning to you. this is a dc native. fantastic. congratulations on your win . what place you came in and category you were competing in. >> third for photo journalism social documentary. >> i just came in third. but you came in third. very impressed. let's talk about your photo. kind of tell me, take me here.
9:53 am
>> this was a house fire in the persian gulf last year when there was an attempted uprising there that failed and was crushed. really depressing. there were mass protest s in the streets and we never knew the cause of this particular fire but the next day one of the leading government critics their house was attacked in a similar sort of thing. i don't know if that was a coincidence or not. >> this is history captured here in a moment. and you were there. what is it that really speaks to you about this photo? why did you like this photo so much? >> you know, it just there were a lot of pictures that capture maybe three or 400. >> it's hard to critique your
9:54 am
own work. and you have a hard time taking a compliment. here's what i'm going to ask you instead is for people that are taking photos, what is your best tip? >> be there at the right time. >> be in the moment. >> yeah. >> if you are not there, you can't take the pictures. >> if you don't play the lottery you can't win. >> i have a couple other winners i want to get to. coming over here to zach. he was in the uncovered discover. so we have a couple of your pictures that were award winning. tell me about them. >> sure. i think it is -- there it is. that's from ganna. this last summer, both through africa and middle east and did this photography. this was outside of a window. >> we have another one of your photos. and i noticed you did black and white. what's kind of
9:55 am
your tip on doing black and white. >> thinking shapes and forms and how the composition of the image works out. there's framing and you can see how his hat is being taken off at a certain point. really focusing on the moment i guess. >> how does it feel to be a winner? >> feels great. >> anything you would like to photograph that you haven't gotten to photograph? >> just to continue exploring. >> the world right? >> yeah. >> thank you so much. congratulations. and last but not least, won third place in the contemporary life category. tell me about your photo which is just alive with color. >> thank you. this photograph was taken which is african american neighborhood. and i just happened to be there exploring with my camera and i walk up to the gentleman relaxing outside of their house
9:56 am
and just caught me. to me something i cannot explain. you just have to feel it. that kind of moment. something that is unusual and as a photographer, a camera is an instrument that allows me to explore. >> i love it. you can see your mind is working. you are exploring the scenery and trying to get good pictures of us. what's your good tip of taking a good picture? >> i would say just be out there. >> and i would say smile. hey, face this way . is our web site. we have a link to voter link. more fox 5 news when we come back. stay with us. 
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all right. quick live shot. still clouds across the area. even a little sleep falling on the backside of this

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